Your life is not your own

And this might be the most crucial point to understand.

Yes, yes, you probably grew up with the fancy notions that you are the pilot of your life, that your freedom is precious and that your choices are your own personal thing that everyone has to absolutely respect. And of course that is the case. Until you start living your life on this planet.

If you live alone in some remote part of the world, you might get away with it. Personal freedom is of no consequence then, of course. There is nobody to take it away from you anyways.

So it is not relevant at all. It all only matters if there’s other people to consider.

So why do you start sucking so much when you join a community? Because you still insist on your precious, precious rights and freedoms. To a certain degree that is. You will happily accept that killing and getting caught is not in your best interest, so you either become very good at it, or won’t do it at all. But you do accept your freedoms to be slightly diminished and usually won’t think twice about it.

So why do you think twice about people telling you to stop being fat and sick? Yes, a small jump here, but why beat around the bush.

How dare you tell me I am fat? Let me live my life the way I want. Fuck off! You have no right to tell me to get slim and lean! And they are right. Fat shaming is moronic at best, and why care if someone is fat?

It’s about being unhealthy. You can be healthy and fat. Most of the people are not though. Many thin people are unhealthy too. It’s not about looks, it’s about the insides. And you absolutely have to take care of those, because, again, you are not alone here, and your lifestyle has consequences.

If you live in a society of people, your being sick will be a burden to others around you. May it be in medical costs, specially if you have any sort of public healthcare, or may it be by you clogging up the doctor’s office, when they should be treating people who didn’t cause their own ailments.

Being sick costs money, andalso being fat raises costs a little more, even surgeries are more complicated when you are heavily overweight, but that is really just some icing of the unhealthy cake and not really relevant at all. At least not yet. We are getting there though, we are nearing 50% of all the people in all the world being overweight.

And that is the whole problem with the public, and why it sucks so much. Everything is centered about the individual and their precious freedoms.

Stop telling people that they can be what they want. Own up and tell them to get well first. You can really know what you want when you are not well or addicted or both.

Help people to get well.

What is wrong with you all. You can be what you want. As long as you are healthy and as long as you don’t make others unhealthy.

To stick with this single point, being sick: Bad dietary choices are the cause for a host of very expensive diseases, including type 2 diabetes, many cancers, alzheimer’s disease, all sorts of metabolic illnesses, allergies and so on.

Those diseases cost Billions and Billions of Dollars every year, claiming lives all around. And costing money all around. This is medical knowledge that exists for many many years already, yet it is ignored, because personal freedom is precious and may not be touched.

Another example is in plain sight all around you, waiting in the next chapter

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