Who I am

To sum myself up:

I am healthy, have plenty of food, I have a family and friends. I believe people around the world just want to live and be happy. They don’t necessarily know how to get all that, but that is the problem to tackle. Not to get them what they want, but to find out what they actually need

This is my attempt to express my thoughts and feelings about the current state of the world, how I believe it is going wrong, and eventually: my proposed way out of the misery we are creating.

Since I am a very unorganized guy, easily distracted and rarely focussed, I have planned this Website to be a growing and changing thing.

I will structure it like a book, but things will move about and will be altered and changed all the time, at least for a while.

I could, of course, first write it all and then publish it when it is truly ready, but that will take several years, if not decades. I could do that. But I won’t. Nobody is going to read this anyhow, right? It’s not like I’m advertising this thing in any way.

I really need to get things out asap, and then refine them. Just like I lead my life. I can’t plan it all ahead and then realize it. It’s the same with my creative processes. Who knows how much time I will have in the future, or if I will die tomorrow.

So Today is the Day!

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