The entitlement epidemic

In the last chapter I have talked about sickness of the body.

Let me talk about sickness of the mind, and I don’t mean mental illness, but things that are being programmed into people by other people, leading to massive problems. Mind Viruses so to speak.

Entitlement is one of them. I will stick to one prominent example for now. For simplicity. It will make the point nicely. Perhaps you can come up with another in your mind all by yourself.

Enter any supermarket or drugstore or however it is called in your area. You will probably find a good assortment of foods and goods. Which is a great thing. Choices can be a good thing. But really, where does it stop? How many brands of Gouda Cheese does your store carry? How many different Lemonades? how many brands of Milk? Do you require exotic foods tobe present all year round? Is that avocado really a staple of your diet? Or could you just eat something locally grown? Unless you live in a country where avocados grow, of course. You are fine then. go ahead.

But that’s just locality, that’s already the next step, we will come to that.

Let’s stick with the current one: Variety. You might say: But yeah, I like this cheese better than that cheese; Ohh, the Gouda from that company tastes a little bit better than the Gouda from that other company.

Your decision is entirely based on how much you like it. Yet, if you would only know one type of Gouda, how much would you care? You’d probably be satisfied with it. The differences are not that big, they are just perceived as significant. And, to further the point of stupid preferences: you have no clue what is actually in those cheeses, why they taste better, how they are produced, if they are actually good for you.

So we end up with ten brands of Gouda Cheese in the same store, all being carted around the country or sometimes even the world, often thrown out because suddenly another brand is more popular and the supermarkets stock of the old and boring Gouda Cheese has gone bad. Different factories are producing different Gouda Cheeses with different packaging and different working conditions for their workers. Different levels of quality of the actual Cheeses.

This is just a motor for Capitalism. Capitalism is built on entitlement. What it lacks is actual quality control. On the contrary, it is based on reducing quality as much as possible to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Is that what we want? What you want? Having your super tasty Gouda Cheese made with super cheap ingredients that might be making you sick and fat? The company making it exploiting humans and the environment to make it as cheap as possible? Having long term consequences for everyone, even people who don’t enjoy Gouda Cheese at all? All because you like one brand slightly better than another?

Diversity is good and fine. But food should be as simple as possible.

This is a major reason why the public sucks: You want your precious choices and don’t even care about how the world has to be formed and contorted to making those choices a possibility.

Instead of wanting to create a good, quality based Gouda Cheese, with the production being environmentally sane and profitable for the manufacturer and their workers, you just want your favorite brand of Gouda Cheese, possibly making half the world suffer for it.

Variety is healthy, but within the same category, it is not relevant. You might get benefits from eating Gouda Cheese today and Tilsiter cheese tomorrow, your gut won’t notice two different Gouda Cheeses though.

Which brings me to the next thing the public sucks so much at (in the next chapter)

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