You are an addict

Yes, you heard that right. Eating is a necessity, not a past time. The whole food industry is wreaking havoc all over the world because someone has decided that it should be some fancy business.

You are buying plastic-wrapped metabolic syndrome, polluting the world and yourself, making a few companies filthy rich, while making their workers sick and poor. Or even dead; You then ask those companies to spend some money on the environment and pay minimum wage, because that’s only fair and proper, right?

You are drinking Coffee from halfway around the world, (again, it is fine if you come from that region) What’s the point? There’s local plants that have the same effect. Yes, there are. Go look it up. I’d bet that there’s at least five plant based products growing near you that have similar effects that coffee has.

They might taste slightly different, but again, what’s wrong with you. Never knowing Coffee in the first place, you’d be fine. And drinking coffee in an actual producing country tastes different than the stuff you brew yourself here, so don’t pat yourself on the back for being a proud coffee connoisseur. You are probably raping your morning brew. Making someone actually knowing about true coffee puke just thinking about it.

Some things can be made locally without bending over double. There’s nothing wrong with making our own pasta or bread. Make local Cheese. Those are craft related. Craft related foods are great and are good for society and are great for making some money. The are in fact something to focus at if you actually want to improve nutrition. instead of following crazes, try to make better foods. Nutritional foods. make it all fun and worthwhile.

Please, for the love of your neighbors, stay away from foods that don’t grow in your region, just because someone tells you that they are the best foods. The most healthy foods. The staple foods. That is just marketing and it’s destroying whole economies. Your local people have lived millennia on local foods and prospered. Nobody needed a kiwi or avocado in northern europe for hundreds of thousands of years. Nobody got sick because of there not being chia seeds available.

Massive areas on this planet are being razed to produce enough coffee for the entire world, or avocado. Just because you can’t be arsed to eat some nuts for your fats. Or have balanced diet so you actually have to go to so called health foods. You wouldn’t need any super foods or health foods if you just ate like a normal person. I am constantly coming back to diet, aren’t I? That is because diet is the most common thing there is. We all need it. We all are built from it. And it is the main driver for misery.

Eating should have one goal, and one goal only: Feeding your body so you can do great things in the world. The focus should be on staying healthy, growing old, making new life, making the existing life more enjoyable or making future life possible. Best to do all at once. You’ll have much more time for all of those things if you stop eating like a maniac. You wouldn’t even have to be worried about the rainforests anymore, because we wouldn’t burn it down anymore to grow foods nobody needs. You could just focus on your family or yourself. Or even others around you.

What happened to the public? People are eating like addicts. Shiny stuff, sweet stuff, junk-food without any real nutritional value, getting sick by doing it. Exotic foods from around the world, just to feel special.

What other activity does that? Yes, hard drugs. It’s exactly the same thing. Doing stuff you don’t need because you enjoy it short term, wrecking your body in the process. Harming your relationships around you.

Being addicted to unhealthy foods is no better than any other addiction, and saying “but I can’t live like that, I need my desserts!” is no better than the heroin junkie wanting their next fix. It really isn’t.

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