Life is too short

We have discussed how businesses drive our expectations of how meals should look like, how your diet should look like and how your bodies should look like. How companies are trying to sell yo a bod image, that you can feel great at any size and anytime, even though you actually feel like crap.

You have the ability to just have a look at what’s possible. And you don’t need special tools to do so. Simple foods, simple movements. A little education and a little time in the beginning. In the long run, you might even save time, have more to yourself. Don’t waste your life chasing health. Don’t buy into all the marketing on what’s good and what’s bad for you. Just because there’s a fit person printed on the pack of cereals doesn’t make it food for fit people, or food to make you fit. It is just that, a fit person can probably survive eating that crap in the first place.

Just stop being unhealthy. Step by step. Cut out the stuff you already know to be shitty for a start. What good does smoking do? How much benefit does that high-sugar diet have? What good does not being able to move up a flight of stairs do?

Just try changing a few of those things, at least for a while. Seriously, what is a month or half a year once every decade? Life-changing, possibly.

You don’t need to go all out either. You will find people telling you that only the best of the best will help you. Eating the right nutrients isn’t enough, it has to be from farm-raised, grass-fed animals and eco-friendly fields with fair-trade workers producing crops that are sun-drenched and free of any chemicals.

And yeah, that might be the most optimal thing to do. But it is not required, nor is it the best way to start. And why go all out. You have probably poisoned yourself for a decade, why not take two years to ease into better ways? Unless drastic action is required. That’s a point for your doctor to determine, or at least for yourself to find out. Doctors aren’t actually the best at health related things either. They are usually just good for statistical things and what’s happening to the masses. More on that later, just now that doctors are usually running a business and are influenced by other businesses.

Going slow but gradual might even be better for the world. The good farms and ecological ways of making food can’t just pop up left and right, and all the current businesses need time to adjust.

Your living well isn’t a reason for making the exploitative companies go bankrupt overnight. Even if they are the worst, there’s still people depending on them for wages and other things. You won’t do the world a favor by just switching to optimal operating mode.

Life is too short to repeat every day. But it is long enough to change things over time. It is in fct the preferred way in that life operates. Small changes over long periods of time. Allow for proper adaptation. Our most basic biology works like that. It’s the drastic things that harm us.

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