Ethics conundrum

While ethics may play a role in social behavior, they might be killing us in regards to survival and health.

Ethics are for humans, and humans only. They are supposed to keep us from killing each other. And that is exactly where they should stop. I won’t debate ethics in regards to humans at all. Has a deformed child a right to live? To procreate? Should murder be considered a bad thing?

I couldn’t say. And I won’t. That’s a group debate. An ongoing one at that. We call it civilization. An ongoing debate about ethics. We won’t see the end of it. Lot’s of civilizations have fallen. Ours might too. That is another chapter in this book for sure, but I a not there yet. Not by a long shot.

But applying ethics to animals and plants? That is something I feel strongly about.

Why? What for? Cruelty against animals? It depends on the setting. Make an animal part of your family, like your family dog, yes, you can apply the same ethics as you would for your own kids and neighbors. You’d still imprison it, yeah, but you’ll care for it. That’s fine.

A cow you plan to eat? Ethics? Hell no. Common sense, yes. Keep it calm, keep it healthy, so the meat that you eat is of high quality. But that is where it should stop.

Why create rifts because of stupid ideologies? Let vegans eat their plants, let Carnivores eat their meat. Let people have their pets. It’s all good.

Do cows have feelings? Of course they do. Should we care? Why? What reason could we have to care about a cows feelings? We are going to kill and eat it.

Consider if we all went vegetarian; we wouldn’t have a billion cows to care about. There’d only be a few hundred thousand wild grazing cows. They might die out even. Cows aren’t exactly survivors. They might have been, ages ago, before we started domesticating them. Now, they are just vehicles for meat. And don#t you pretend otherwise. Modern cows and pigs and chickens are a human invention. Invented for the sole purpose of being eaten.

So why care about them? For the off chance that they become sentient and start communicating with us? Do we want more intelligent species on this planet? Starting a dialogue with them, having them debate about quality of life, their own cow / pig or chicken republic?

Who cares if they have a rudimentary sense of feelings. Or even a highly developed one.

Lot’s of things do. Plants might be intelligent on levels we can’t even imagine

In the end, they are for eating. Humans are predators. Everything we are, we have developed from being predators. We were stupid apes with a low level of intelligence until we have started to hunt in groups. Everything we are stems from that.

We now hunt for knowledge. And now, our own knowledge starts to make us forget where we came from. Making us sick and slow. More brainy, perhaps, but not more efficient. If we don’t stop this nonsense now, we might end up like those little Asgard in Stargate SG:1.

So yeah, it’s your own decision how you eat and how you live and how you treat animals, plants and other people. But keep ethics out of it. It’s just your personal opinion. Personal opinions are irrelevant for others. Just like mine is. You might agree, yes. You might disagree. And I am fine with that.

But if your actions influence my life in ways that are making it worse, it becomes a matter of interest to me. If you are trying to make me eat plants, even though I am thriving on eating meat, we got a problem.

If you want to save cows, buy a farm, buy all the cows you can, and keep them happy and alive. Try to convince people to think like you. Preferably with arguments and science.

But don’t force others to do the same. Don’t force others to think like you. Just because you feel like you have superior ethics that somehow transcends species. Care about humans. Fine. Crete laws and make others do the same. Okay, good. Slightly questionable as well, but ok. We can talk about that, we are capable of that. It’s fine. But adding animals to ethics?

What right do you have. Only the rights you have fought for. The rights your ancestors fought for. What right does a cow have? None. Not a single one. Pretending that is has is degrading every human on this planet. It is in fact degrading every carnivorous animal on the planet as well. If it is unethical for us to eat a cow, shouldn’t it be unethical for a tiger as well? Are we feeling so superior that we have forgotten that we are animals ourselves?

Ethics are for humans. Extending them to any other kingdom of life is idiotic and is possibly holding us back or even making us sick. And possibly dumber.

Stop that nonsense and start caring about things that are important. Like yourself. And your family. And your neighbors

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