Conspiracies are real

It’s a bad thing to be a Conspiracy Theorist and seeing Bad People conspiring to work against you everywhere. That much is clear. But simply disregarding any thoughts of conspiracy? That is kinda stupid. There were conspiracies in the past. That much is proven. So many in fact that there are laws against them in many cases.

We have a lot of conspiracies going on, some are massive and many of them are so deceptive that they are in fact killing you. And your government and family doctor are helping, because they simply don’t know any better.

The biggest drivers of conspiracies are called “Corporations”. Specially the ones driven by Capitalism. Capitalism in itself is a great thing, but used as it is today, in its worst form imaginative, it is one of our biggest diseases. Literally. It is slowly killing everything around us, including us.

Food manufacturers are telling people how to eat healthy.
Their main income is junk-food that is bad for you

Drug manufacturers are telling people how to live healthy.
Their main income is small aches stemming from bad lifestyle

Your diabetes doctor is telling you how to live with diabetes.
His main income is people having long-term diabetes

Weight watchers is telling you how to lose weight.
Their main income is people trying to lose weight

Your dentist is telling you how to have healthy teeth.
Their main income is fixing unhealthy teeth

All of these, and many more, are businesses. Driven by the incentive to earn money. And driven by the incentive to earn enough money to keep on earning money in the future.

So why are they conspiracies? Because the people selling them know full well that they are bad, a waste, hurting or unhealthy, but market them as something good and beneficial or even required for survival, just to make some money or gain recognition. They also actively try to suppress any information that might educate people to know better. If that is not conspiracy, what is?

To address just one real conspiracy that may actually be killing you right now: Vegetable Oils.

Better called Seed Oils.

Invented because businesses had some waste products when processing corn and cotton, and they wanted to make some money of off those. They processed those waste products so that they resemble a food, started a massive advertising campaign saying that people should replace cooking fats with their processed waste that resembles a food, and started an era of heart disease the world has never seen before. People are still consuming that processed waste that resembles a food today. By the Millions of gallons.

Stop eating seed oils. Olive oil, maybe. Coconut Oil, go for it. Butter, yes please!

Any kind of seed oil? Stay away, it’s a waste product disguised as a food. Stay away from so called food items containing those oils. Like basically every brand of crisps, chips, pretty much everything that has been fried and is packaged. It is killing you!

On another quick note, in case you are following your countries Food Guidelines. You know, because you want to eat healthy and surely your government has your best interests in mind. Yeah, those are probably a big conspiracy as well

Never forget that your government isn’t run by experts or knowledgeable people. It is run by people who know politics and know how to go up the ranks by making good deals. Nothing more, nothing less.

It should come to no surprise that your countries Food Guidelines are co-written by Kellogg’s and Coca Cola and similar companies, because they are funding the whole thing.

Your politicians were looking for a way to make Food Guidelines Cheap on the Taxpayer, and getting sponsors is the easiest way to do it. So even with, from their perspective, your best interests in mind, they screw it up and screw you over, because they put money before health. Which is the main reason the public sucks and our world is going to shit. Focus on money instead of quality.

Seriously, look it up. You might not find comprehensive links that directly lead to said companies, but you will discover that the leading people, the ones who approve and set the guidelines, all have stakes in one or more industries involved in food production. Which in itself should be a no-go. And it is ridiculous how hard it is to find information like this. It should be advertised on the front page. The fact that it is not speaks for itself: You can not trust Food Guidelines. At all. Not a single one.

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