Life is too short

We have discussed how businesses drive our expectations of how meals should look like, how your diet should look like and how your bodies should look like. How companies are trying to sell yo a bod image, that you can feel great at any size and anytime, even though you actually feel like crap.

You have the ability to just have a look at what’s possible. And you don’t need special tools to do so. Simple foods, simple movements. A little education and a little time in the beginning. In the long run, you might even save time, have more to yourself. Don’t waste your life chasing health. Don’t buy into all the marketing on what’s good and what’s bad for you. Just because there’s a fit person printed on the pack of cereals doesn’t make it food for fit people, or food to make you fit. It is just that, a fit person can probably survive eating that crap in the first place.

Just stop being unhealthy. Step by step. Cut out the stuff you already know to be shitty for a start. What good does smoking do? How much benefit does that high-sugar diet have? What good does not being able to move up a flight of stairs do?

Just try changing a few of those things, at least for a while. Seriously, what is a month or half a year once every decade? Life-changing, possibly.

You don’t need to go all out either. You will find people telling you that only the best of the best will help you. Eating the right nutrients isn’t enough, it has to be from farm-raised, grass-fed animals and eco-friendly fields with fair-trade workers producing crops that are sun-drenched and free of any chemicals.

And yeah, that might be the most optimal thing to do. But it is not required, nor is it the best way to start. And why go all out. You have probably poisoned yourself for a decade, why not take two years to ease into better ways? Unless drastic action is required. That’s a point for your doctor to determine, or at least for yourself to find out. Doctors aren’t actually the best at health related things either. They are usually just good for statistical things and what’s happening to the masses. More on that later, just now that doctors are usually running a business and are influenced by other businesses.

Going slow but gradual might even be better for the world. The good farms and ecological ways of making food can’t just pop up left and right, and all the current businesses need time to adjust.

Your living well isn’t a reason for making the exploitative companies go bankrupt overnight. Even if they are the worst, there’s still people depending on them for wages and other things. You won’t do the world a favor by just switching to optimal operating mode.

Life is too short to repeat every day. But it is long enough to change things over time. It is in fct the preferred way in that life operates. Small changes over long periods of time. Allow for proper adaptation. Our most basic biology works like that. It’s the drastic things that harm us.


Ethics conundrum

While ethics may play a role in social behavior, they might be killing us in regards to survival and health.

Ethics are for humans, and humans only. They are supposed to keep us from killing each other. And that is exactly where they should stop. I won’t debate ethics in regards to humans at all. Has a deformed child a right to live? To procreate? Should murder be considered a bad thing?

I couldn’t say. And I won’t. That’s a group debate. An ongoing one at that. We call it civilization. An ongoing debate about ethics. We won’t see the end of it. Lot’s of civilizations have fallen. Ours might too. That is another chapter in this book for sure, but I a not there yet. Not by a long shot.

But applying ethics to animals and plants? That is something I feel strongly about.

Why? What for? Cruelty against animals? It depends on the setting. Make an animal part of your family, like your family dog, yes, you can apply the same ethics as you would for your own kids and neighbors. You’d still imprison it, yeah, but you’ll care for it. That’s fine.

A cow you plan to eat? Ethics? Hell no. Common sense, yes. Keep it calm, keep it healthy, so the meat that you eat is of high quality. But that is where it should stop.

Why create rifts because of stupid ideologies? Let vegans eat their plants, let Carnivores eat their meat. Let people have their pets. It’s all good.

Do cows have feelings? Of course they do. Should we care? Why? What reason could we have to care about a cows feelings? We are going to kill and eat it.

Consider if we all went vegetarian; we wouldn’t have a billion cows to care about. There’d only be a few hundred thousand wild grazing cows. They might die out even. Cows aren’t exactly survivors. They might have been, ages ago, before we started domesticating them. Now, they are just vehicles for meat. And don#t you pretend otherwise. Modern cows and pigs and chickens are a human invention. Invented for the sole purpose of being eaten.

So why care about them? For the off chance that they become sentient and start communicating with us? Do we want more intelligent species on this planet? Starting a dialogue with them, having them debate about quality of life, their own cow / pig or chicken republic?

Who cares if they have a rudimentary sense of feelings. Or even a highly developed one.

Lot’s of things do. Plants might be intelligent on levels we can’t even imagine

In the end, they are for eating. Humans are predators. Everything we are, we have developed from being predators. We were stupid apes with a low level of intelligence until we have started to hunt in groups. Everything we are stems from that.

We now hunt for knowledge. And now, our own knowledge starts to make us forget where we came from. Making us sick and slow. More brainy, perhaps, but not more efficient. If we don’t stop this nonsense now, we might end up like those little Asgard in Stargate SG:1.

So yeah, it’s your own decision how you eat and how you live and how you treat animals, plants and other people. But keep ethics out of it. It’s just your personal opinion. Personal opinions are irrelevant for others. Just like mine is. You might agree, yes. You might disagree. And I am fine with that.

But if your actions influence my life in ways that are making it worse, it becomes a matter of interest to me. If you are trying to make me eat plants, even though I am thriving on eating meat, we got a problem.

If you want to save cows, buy a farm, buy all the cows you can, and keep them happy and alive. Try to convince people to think like you. Preferably with arguments and science.

But don’t force others to do the same. Don’t force others to think like you. Just because you feel like you have superior ethics that somehow transcends species. Care about humans. Fine. Crete laws and make others do the same. Okay, good. Slightly questionable as well, but ok. We can talk about that, we are capable of that. It’s fine. But adding animals to ethics?

What right do you have. Only the rights you have fought for. The rights your ancestors fought for. What right does a cow have? None. Not a single one. Pretending that is has is degrading every human on this planet. It is in fact degrading every carnivorous animal on the planet as well. If it is unethical for us to eat a cow, shouldn’t it be unethical for a tiger as well? Are we feeling so superior that we have forgotten that we are animals ourselves?

Ethics are for humans. Extending them to any other kingdom of life is idiotic and is possibly holding us back or even making us sick. And possibly dumber.

Stop that nonsense and start caring about things that are important. Like yourself. And your family. And your neighbors


Conspiracies are real

It’s a bad thing to be a Conspiracy Theorist and seeing Bad People conspiring to work against you everywhere. That much is clear. But simply disregarding any thoughts of conspiracy? That is kinda stupid. There were conspiracies in the past. That much is proven. So many in fact that there are laws against them in many cases.

We have a lot of conspiracies going on, some are massive and many of them are so deceptive that they are in fact killing you. And your government and family doctor are helping, because they simply don’t know any better.

The biggest drivers of conspiracies are called “Corporations”. Specially the ones driven by Capitalism. Capitalism in itself is a great thing, but used as it is today, in its worst form imaginative, it is one of our biggest diseases. Literally. It is slowly killing everything around us, including us.

Food manufacturers are telling people how to eat healthy.
Their main income is junk-food that is bad for you

Drug manufacturers are telling people how to live healthy.
Their main income is small aches stemming from bad lifestyle

Your diabetes doctor is telling you how to live with diabetes.
His main income is people having long-term diabetes

Weight watchers is telling you how to lose weight.
Their main income is people trying to lose weight

Your dentist is telling you how to have healthy teeth.
Their main income is fixing unhealthy teeth

All of these, and many more, are businesses. Driven by the incentive to earn money. And driven by the incentive to earn enough money to keep on earning money in the future.

So why are they conspiracies? Because the people selling them know full well that they are bad, a waste, hurting or unhealthy, but market them as something good and beneficial or even required for survival, just to make some money or gain recognition. They also actively try to suppress any information that might educate people to know better. If that is not conspiracy, what is?

To address just one real conspiracy that may actually be killing you right now: Vegetable Oils.

Better called Seed Oils.

Invented because businesses had some waste products when processing corn and cotton, and they wanted to make some money of off those. They processed those waste products so that they resemble a food, started a massive advertising campaign saying that people should replace cooking fats with their processed waste that resembles a food, and started an era of heart disease the world has never seen before. People are still consuming that processed waste that resembles a food today. By the Millions of gallons.

Stop eating seed oils. Olive oil, maybe. Coconut Oil, go for it. Butter, yes please!

Any kind of seed oil? Stay away, it’s a waste product disguised as a food. Stay away from so called food items containing those oils. Like basically every brand of crisps, chips, pretty much everything that has been fried and is packaged. It is killing you!

On another quick note, in case you are following your countries Food Guidelines. You know, because you want to eat healthy and surely your government has your best interests in mind. Yeah, those are probably a big conspiracy as well

Never forget that your government isn’t run by experts or knowledgeable people. It is run by people who know politics and know how to go up the ranks by making good deals. Nothing more, nothing less.

It should come to no surprise that your countries Food Guidelines are co-written by Kellogg’s and Coca Cola and similar companies, because they are funding the whole thing.

Your politicians were looking for a way to make Food Guidelines Cheap on the Taxpayer, and getting sponsors is the easiest way to do it. So even with, from their perspective, your best interests in mind, they screw it up and screw you over, because they put money before health. Which is the main reason the public sucks and our world is going to shit. Focus on money instead of quality.

Seriously, look it up. You might not find comprehensive links that directly lead to said companies, but you will discover that the leading people, the ones who approve and set the guidelines, all have stakes in one or more industries involved in food production. Which in itself should be a no-go. And it is ridiculous how hard it is to find information like this. It should be advertised on the front page. The fact that it is not speaks for itself: You can not trust Food Guidelines. At all. Not a single one.


You are an addict

Yes, you heard that right. Eating is a necessity, not a past time. The whole food industry is wreaking havoc all over the world because someone has decided that it should be some fancy business.

You are buying plastic-wrapped metabolic syndrome, polluting the world and yourself, making a few companies filthy rich, while making their workers sick and poor. Or even dead; You then ask those companies to spend some money on the environment and pay minimum wage, because that’s only fair and proper, right?

You are drinking Coffee from halfway around the world, (again, it is fine if you come from that region) What’s the point? There’s local plants that have the same effect. Yes, there are. Go look it up. I’d bet that there’s at least five plant based products growing near you that have similar effects that coffee has.

They might taste slightly different, but again, what’s wrong with you. Never knowing Coffee in the first place, you’d be fine. And drinking coffee in an actual producing country tastes different than the stuff you brew yourself here, so don’t pat yourself on the back for being a proud coffee connoisseur. You are probably raping your morning brew. Making someone actually knowing about true coffee puke just thinking about it.

Some things can be made locally without bending over double. There’s nothing wrong with making our own pasta or bread. Make local Cheese. Those are craft related. Craft related foods are great and are good for society and are great for making some money. The are in fact something to focus at if you actually want to improve nutrition. instead of following crazes, try to make better foods. Nutritional foods. make it all fun and worthwhile.

Please, for the love of your neighbors, stay away from foods that don’t grow in your region, just because someone tells you that they are the best foods. The most healthy foods. The staple foods. That is just marketing and it’s destroying whole economies. Your local people have lived millennia on local foods and prospered. Nobody needed a kiwi or avocado in northern europe for hundreds of thousands of years. Nobody got sick because of there not being chia seeds available.

Massive areas on this planet are being razed to produce enough coffee for the entire world, or avocado. Just because you can’t be arsed to eat some nuts for your fats. Or have balanced diet so you actually have to go to so called health foods. You wouldn’t need any super foods or health foods if you just ate like a normal person. I am constantly coming back to diet, aren’t I? That is because diet is the most common thing there is. We all need it. We all are built from it. And it is the main driver for misery.

Eating should have one goal, and one goal only: Feeding your body so you can do great things in the world. The focus should be on staying healthy, growing old, making new life, making the existing life more enjoyable or making future life possible. Best to do all at once. You’ll have much more time for all of those things if you stop eating like a maniac. You wouldn’t even have to be worried about the rainforests anymore, because we wouldn’t burn it down anymore to grow foods nobody needs. You could just focus on your family or yourself. Or even others around you.

What happened to the public? People are eating like addicts. Shiny stuff, sweet stuff, junk-food without any real nutritional value, getting sick by doing it. Exotic foods from around the world, just to feel special.

What other activity does that? Yes, hard drugs. It’s exactly the same thing. Doing stuff you don’t need because you enjoy it short term, wrecking your body in the process. Harming your relationships around you.

Being addicted to unhealthy foods is no better than any other addiction, and saying “but I can’t live like that, I need my desserts!” is no better than the heroin junkie wanting their next fix. It really isn’t.


The entitlement epidemic

In the last chapter I have talked about sickness of the body.

Let me talk about sickness of the mind, and I don’t mean mental illness, but things that are being programmed into people by other people, leading to massive problems. Mind Viruses so to speak.

Entitlement is one of them. I will stick to one prominent example for now. For simplicity. It will make the point nicely. Perhaps you can come up with another in your mind all by yourself.

Enter any supermarket or drugstore or however it is called in your area. You will probably find a good assortment of foods and goods. Which is a great thing. Choices can be a good thing. But really, where does it stop? How many brands of Gouda Cheese does your store carry? How many different Lemonades? how many brands of Milk? Do you require exotic foods to be present all year round? Is that avocado really a staple of your diet? Or could you just eat something locally grown? Unless you live in a country where avocados grow, of course. You are fine then. go ahead.

But that’s just locality, that’s already the next step, we will come to that.

Let’s stick with the current one: Variety. You might say: But yeah, I like this cheese better than that cheese; Ohh, the Gouda from that company tastes a little bit better than the Gouda from that other company.

Your decision is entirely based on how much you like it. Yet, if you would only know one type of Gouda, how much would you care? You’d probably be satisfied with it. The differences are not that big, they are just perceived as significant. And, to further the point of stupid preferences: you have no clue what is actually in those cheeses, why they taste better, how they are produced, if they are actually good for you.

So we end up with ten brands of Gouda Cheese in the same store, all being carted around the country or sometimes even the world, often thrown out because suddenly another brand is more popular and the supermarkets stock of the old and boring Gouda Cheese has gone bad. Different factories are producing different Gouda Cheeses with different packaging and different working conditions for their workers. Different levels of quality of the actual Cheeses.

This is just a motor for Capitalism. Capitalism is built on entitlement. What it lacks is actual quality control. On the contrary, it is based on reducing quality as much as possible to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Is that what we want? What you want? Having your super tasty Gouda Cheese made with super cheap ingredients that might be making you sick and fat? The company making it exploiting humans and the environment to make it as cheap as possible? Having long term consequences for everyone, even people who don’t enjoy Gouda Cheese at all? All because you like one brand slightly better than another? And shouldn#t the damn cheese be about nutrition in any case? It being palatable should be sufficient. Why do you want to have the few things you eat to be a nice, good tasting feast? Why do you care so much about eating? Food is not porn, nor is it entertainment. It’s something to consume to stay healthy and fit. Anything else is a huge waste of time, energy and resources, and in any case only an option when living in “good” times. Party all day long.

Diversity is good and fine. But food should be as simple as possible. Let’s make room for other activities that won’t only feed yourself. Like making sure everyone has something to eat in the first place.. And then, everyone having high quality things to eat. You ignorant and selfish bastards 🙂

This is a major reason why the public sucks: You want your precious choices and don’t even care about how the world has to be formed and contorted to making those choices a possibility. Including people dying of hunger because you want your unique brand of cheese.

Instead of wanting to create a good, quality based Gouda Cheese, with the production being environmentally sane and profitable for the manufacturer and their workers, you just want your favorite brand of Gouda Cheese, possibly making half the world suffer for it.

Variety is healthy, but within the same category, it is not relevant. You might get benefits from eating Gouda Cheese today and Tilsiter cheese tomorrow, your gut won’t notice two different Gouda Cheeses though.

Which brings me to the next thing the public sucks so much at, please continue to the next chapter


Your life is not your own

And this might be the most crucial point to understand.

Yes, yes, you probably grew up with the fancy notions that you are the pilot of your life, that your freedom is precious and that your choices are your own personal thing that everyone has to absolutely respect. And of course that is the case. Until you start living your life on this planet.

If you live alone in some remote part of the world, you might get away with it. Personal freedom is of no consequence then, of course. There is nobody to take it away from you anyways.

So it is not relevant at all. It all only matters if there’s other people to consider.

So why do you start sucking so much when you join a community? Because you still insist on your precious, precious rights and freedoms. To a certain degree that is. You will happily accept that killing and getting caught is not in your best interest, so you either become very good at it, or won’t do it at all. But you do accept your freedoms to be slightly diminished and usually won’t think twice about it.

So why do you think twice about people telling you to stop being fat and sick? Yes, a small jump here, but why beat around the bush.

How dare you tell me I am fat? Let me live my life the way I want. Fuck off! You have no right to tell me to get slim and lean! And they are right. Fat shaming is moronic at best, and why care if someone is fat?

It’s about being unhealthy. You can be healthy and fat. Most of the people are not though. Many thin people are unhealthy too. It’s not about looks, it’s about the insides. And you absolutely have to take care of those, because, again, you are not alone here, and your lifestyle has consequences.

If you live in a society of people, your being sick will be a burden to others around you. May it be in medical costs, specially if you have any sort of public healthcare, or may it be by you clogging up the doctor’s office, when they should be treating people who didn’t cause their own ailments.

Being sick costs money, andalso being fat raises costs a little more, even surgeries are more complicated when you are heavily overweight, but that is really just some icing of the unhealthy cake and not really relevant at all. At least not yet. We are getting there though, we are nearing 50% of all the people in all the world being overweight.

And that is the whole problem with the public, and why it sucks so much. Everything is centered about the individual and their precious freedoms.

Stop telling people that they can be what they want. Own up and tell them to get well first. You can really know what you want when you are not well or addicted or both.

Help people to get well.

What is wrong with you all. You can be what you want. As long as you are healthy and as long as you don’t make others unhealthy.

To stick with this single point, being sick: Bad dietary choices are the cause for a host of very expensive diseases, including type 2 diabetes, many cancers, alzheimer’s disease, all sorts of metabolic illnesses, allergies and so on.

Those diseases cost Billions and Billions of Dollars every year, claiming lives all around. And costing money all around. This is medical knowledge that exists for many many years already, yet it is ignored, because personal freedom is precious and may not be touched.

Another example is in plain sight all around you, waiting in the next chapter


What this Website is not

This is not a news-website.

This is not an informational website.

There won’t be any information on here that you should accept verbatim and without fact-checking them somewhere else. Any information on here might be, and probably is, simply my opinion.

Stuff posted here may not have any foundation in the real world.

Stuff posted here may not be based on facts.

Stuff posted here may in fact be plain wrong, totally untrue or pure conjecture; based on personal experience and half assed research.


Who I am

To sum myself up:

I am healthy, have plenty of food, I have a family and friends. I believe people around the world just want to live and be happy. They don’t necessarily know how to get all that, but that is the problem to tackle. Not to get them what they want, but to find out what they actually need

This is my attempt to express my thoughts and feelings about the current state of the world, how I believe it is going wrong, and eventually: my proposed way out of the misery we are creating.

Since I am a very unorganized guy, easily distracted and rarely focussed, I have planned this Website to be a growing and changing thing.

I will structure it like a book, but things will move about and will be altered and changed all the time, at least for a while.

I could, of course, first write it all and then publish it when it is truly ready, but that will take several years, if not decades. I could do that. But I won’t. Nobody is going to read this anyhow, right? It’s not like I’m advertising this thing in any way.

I really need to get things out asap, and then refine them. Just like I lead my life. I can’t plan it all ahead and then realize it. It’s the same with my creative processes. Who knows how much time I will have in the future, or if I will die tomorrow.

So Today is the Day!