Our Mission

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Your Mission

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The Future

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The Public Controls The Government

But not like many people believe or feel it is done.

We do control WHO is gonna rule, we can't control WHAT they will be doing once elected. We also can't control HOW they will be doing things. This has to change.

The Public, ALL OF US, have to get involved to help clean up this century old system of poltics that has no use in modern times.

What's wrong with current governments?


decisions are made for all people, no matter where they live. no matter what their circumstances are


our governments do not have branches, if a single part fails, it all comes down

dabbling in industry

our governments try to make a profit with things that should not concern a governemnt, forcing it to compete with the open market, taking away it's freedom


You need a government to handle a government. bureaucracy has to go. Fast!